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Zombie Island: Charity Fun Run for the SPCA

Adventure Wellington is a charitable trust that promotes an active lifestyle and is supporting the SPCA with a quirky ‘zombie’ themed fun run. On October 27th, Matiu Somes island will be transformed in to a scene of blood-curdling horror, as 60 flesh-eating zombies chase the participants in to getting active on a 5km run.

The money raised from the event will go to Wellington SPCA, which was fitting as organiser Linc Gasking pointed out “the biggest thing in an emergency that people will break the rules for is getting back their pets, so you could say there’s a bit of a link between pets, zombies and emergencies.”

Rubber Monkey is going to support this event by supplying the production crew with some versatile GoPro cameras and accessories, in order to film all the flesh rotting action. Who knew zombies were so active?

While the event has sold out, you can join the wait list! Find out more information here: