Canare L-2.5CHDB3 3G HD/SDI Cable with 1.0/2.3 DIN to BNC Male Connectors (3')
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Designed for connecting equipment or video distribution gear


The Canare L-2.5CHDB3 3G HD/SDI Cable with 1.0/2.3 DIN to BNC Male Connectors (3') offers the professional broadcaster a high-performance, 100% sweep tested, low cost, low loss coax that meets the demands of today's facility migration trends toward Serial Digital Video and HDTV standards. It is designed for connecting equipment or video distribution gear having standard size BNC input.

Key Features

  • Highly-foamed PE insulation allows further improvement in the attenuation characteristics
  • Multi-layer insulation in which each layer is given a different foaming ratio to increase its strength
  • Tinned copper braid with aluminium foil provides excellent shielding
  • L-2.5CHD is ideal for internal rack wiring
  • UL 1666 Riser flame test conformant
  • Ideal for HD-SERIAL Digital Video, satellite head ends, HDTV upgrades, broadband facilities, SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M format signal applications
  • Suitable for use with equipment with 1.0/2.3 DIN 3G HD/SDI inputs and outputs like the Black Magic and Red One products


75 ± 3 ohms
Inner Conductor: 1/0.59 A quantity/mm, 23 AWG
Shield Coverage
Outer Conductors 95% or more: 0.12TA mm, 7 ends, 16 carriers
Please Note:
Braided shields include single, double, or triple layers as well as bare copper or tinned copper
Conductor Resistance
Inner: ≤64.3 ohm/km
Outer: ≤16.9 ohm/km
Please Note:
2 types: Solid and stranded. Stranded conductor is more flexible and therefore the best choice for mobile and stage use
Static Capacity
53 nf/km @ 1 kHz
30.2 dB / 100 m @ 750 MHz
Cable O.D.
Nominal: 0.16” (4.2 mm)
Insulation: 0.1” (2.59 mm)
Inner Conductor: 0.02” (0.59 mm)
Please Note:
High-foamed insulation contains air in-between, and hence is weak to external pressure
Maximum Transmission Distance
1,030.18’ (314 m) @ 143 Mbps (SMPTE 259M, Composite NTSC)
941.6’ (287 m) @ 177 Mbps (ITU-R BT. 601, Composite PAL)
777.56’ (237 m) @ 270 Mbps (SMPTE 259M, Component 4:2:2)
675.85’ (206 m) @ 360 Mbps (SMPTE 259M, Component 4:2:2, 16x9)
551.18’ (168 m) @ 540Mbps (SMPTE 344M, SDI)
216.53’ (66 m) @ 1.5 Gbps (SMPTE 292M, HD-SDI)
150.92’ (46 m) @ 3 Gbps (SMPTE 424M, HD 1080p)
Nominal Attenuation
4.1 dB/100 m @ 10 MHz
6.5 dB/100 m @ 30 MHz
9.5 dB/100 m @ 72.0 MHz (SMPTE 259M, Composite NTSC)
10.4 dB/100 m @ 88.0 MHz (ITU-R BT. 601, Composite
12.6 dB/100 m @ 135 MHz (SMPTE 259M, Component
14.5 dB/100 m @ 180 MHz (SMPTE 259M, Component
4:2:2 16x9)
17.8 dB/100 m @ 270 MHz (SMPTE 344M, 540Mbps SDI)
22.9 dB/100 m @ 440 MHz
30.2 dB/100 m @ 750 MHz (SMPTE 292M, HD-SDI)
40 dB/100 m @ 1.3 GHz
43.1 dB/100 m @ 1.5 GHz (SMPTE 424M, HD 1080p)
55.1 dB/100 m @ 2.4 GHz
62 dB/100 m @ 3 GHz
Length 3' (0.91 m)

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  • Product: Canare L-2.5CHDB3 3G HD/SDI Cable with 1.0/2.3 DIN to BNC Male Connectors (3')
  • Manufacturer: Canare
  • Model: CAL2.5CHDB3
  • SKU: CAL2.5CHDB3
  • RM Product #: 22900
  • Length Feet: 3 ft
  • Length Meters: 0.91 m
  • Cable Connector: DIN 8-pin Mini
  • Cable Connector: BNC Male
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

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