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Our Journey So Far

Rubber Monkey is New Zealand’s premiere e‑commerce retailer of creative technology. With a growing range of over 80,000 products and a team with over 30 years of e-commerce, distribution and retail experience; our 11 years of operation has seen us passing many milestones.
Our focus is now on increasing the growth curve by expanding and adding more to our business operations within Australia. Via a Pledge Me crowdfunding campaign, we’ll soon be offering an amazing opportunity to be a part of Rubber Monkeys future journey.
Actual Revenue

Over $70M

Actual Revenue
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Over 179K

Packages Shipped
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Over 116K

Registered Users
Daily Pageviews


Daily Pageviews
A 82% increase in revenue in 2015 saw us placed in the Deloitte fast 50 index, and there’s been no slowing down from there. Increased demand for our products saw us open our 10,000sq ft purpose built warehouse facility in 2019 and despite the pandemic, 2021 financial year saw us exceed $17.8 million revenue.

Laurence Alexander

CEO, Director of Rubber Monkey and Co-Founder

We are not your normal company. Not only in our goals we’ve set for ourselves, but also in the methods we use to run it. We’ve invested massive time and effort in technology and systems that customers rarely get to see. However, the results are real and the benefits of our approach is what makes our company steps ahead of our competitors.

When Nigel and I started Rubber Monkey we knew there was enormous potential for a company that could really deliver on the promise to be different. The time has come to propel the company forward with the support of new investment. We plan to maximise the potential of Rubber Monkey and the work we’ve already done, in developing a world class experience for local customers.

We want customers to be a part of our company so that not only can you benefit from the increased range of products, lower prices and better overall service, but you can also take pride in ownership of the company behind it.

I welcome you on this journey with us and look forward to having you as part of our Rubber Monkey family.


Nigel Stanford

Director of Rubber Monkey and Co-Founder

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to invest in Rubber Monkey. I’m a proud New Zealander and have been involved in successful New Zealand e-commerce ventures for over 20 years.

I believe that Rubber Monkey is one of the most exciting business opportunities in New Zealand e-commerce today. Here’s a great opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and come with us on our journey.

What's On Offer

Shortly we’ll be offering potential investors the opportunity to invest in Rubber Monkey. You can choose to invest from $500; after which you’ll become a shareholder and own a part of Monkey! One dollar equals one share. Our four different investment tiers come with their own investor benefits including attending exclusive Monkey events, receiving VIP deals and joining our Monkey advisory group.

Actual Revenue
Become a shareholder from $500
Packages Shipped
Attend exclusive Monkey events
Registerd Users
Receive exclusive VIP deals
Daily Pageviews
Join our Monkey advisory group


We want to give New Zealand investors a unique opportunity to join our Rubber Monkey community. We are aiming to raise 'growth' capital. Meaning, while we are already making waves here in New Zealand and expect that to continue, we now have the opportunity to grow even faster by expanding our interests in Australia. The money we are raising will be 100% used (less the Pledge Me fees) to support that endeavour, covering cost of new stock, warehousing, staff, office space, etc.

If we were to progress on that goal using current cashflow and profit we would not be able to make the expansion now or only in a limited way. This would also have an adverse effect on our New Zealand business while it is still rapidly growing. To plan for our success we need to ensure we have sufficient funding to support this expansion on its own, until it is profitable.
We value our community. We want to give our customers an opportunity to be financially vested in our business. We could get the money from a bank, but we don’t like banks as much as we love our customers.

You don’t get ideas from banks. Our customers have amazing ideas. Making money for investors who are passionate and care about us is much more exciting to us than approaching a bank for a loan.
Before you can invest in Monkey, you'll need to register on the PledgeMe site. You can do this before our campaign launches if you like. All you'll need is your passport or driver licence as ID to register.

Once you have a log in, and our campaign is live you'll head to our campaign page, click 'make a pledge' and enter your pledge details.Pledge me has an easy guide to investing that you can follow here.

Once the campaign is live on Pledge Me you can choose the amount you’d like to invest with Rubber Monkey starting from $500. There are four different investment tiers that you can choose from. T1 $500+, T2 $1000+, T3 $5,000+, T4 $10,000+. Each tier comes with its own investor benefits.
Investors need to be a New Zealand citizen or resident living in New Zealand, or a New Zealand citizen living overseas.
Register as an investor and make the pledge in your name. Immediately after, please contact the PledgeMe team on contact@pledgeme.co.nz with the pledge ID and the Trust details.
The minimum target for funding is $500,000 (500 thousand shares) with the maximum being $2,000,000 (2 million shares). If the minimum threshold isn't reached, no investors funds will be processed and no shares issued.
Yes! Investing will mean you'll own shares and own a part of Rubber Monkey. $1 = 1 share. You can choose to invest from a minimum of $500. There are four different investment tiers with each tier having its own investor benefits.
If fully subscribed, the crowdfunding shares will represent 5% of the Rubber Monkey Sales group. The remaining shares will be held by the current shareholders in their existing proportions.
At this stage, we have no plans to release any more shares in the future. However, you will be able to trade / sell shares on a share trading platform.
We will be using the Syndex platform for trading.
Our projections will be listed in our Information Memorandum document which will be available on the Pledge Me site after our campaign launch.
Our financial information is included in our Information Memorandum document which will be available on the Pledge Me site after our campaign launch.
Full information about the various investment tiers and perks will be included in our Information Memorandum which will be available on the Pledge Me site after our campaign launch.
A good idea can come from anywhere and engaging with customers is an opportunity to learn more about our company from the outside. Focusing more on our customers allows us to change and evolve according to what our customer base needs and wants, rather than following our competitors.

We see this group as being able to offer valuable feedback, new ideas and offer Rubber Monkey a fresh perspective on various initiatives. More info will be available on this soon.
Whilst their shares in the company are being diluted percentage-wise, they expect the dollar value of their shares to increase over time along with company growth. We feel this initial dilution of the shares is the best way to stimulate that growth.
At this early stage we'd like to stay as a private company with a small group of passionate investors rather than listing on the stock exchange. We will be using an independent share registry platform where you will be able to trade your shares. You wouldn't be able to buy Rubber Monkey shares on Sharesies as we won't be listed with the New Zealand stock exchange, we'll still be a private company. An IPO in coming years may be on the cards.
In the short term, we will not be offering dividends, although this may change in the future. 100% of the money we are raising will be used to support our expansion in Australia. The money will be used for purchasing new stock, warehousing, staff, office space, etc.

Any profits will continue to be used for growing the company rather than declaring dividends. This allows us to take advantage of the current fast growth in the e-commerce market.

In the future the board would determine the best way to use profits, such as reinvestment, shareholder dividends, or possibly a combination of both.
Historically there have been no dividends declared as all profits have been retained in the business for growth and working capital purposes. Due to a very recent shareholding change, a dividend was declared to preserve imputation credits for current and future shareholders. However, the net dividend will be reinvested back into the company as capital rather than paid out as cash to the existing shareholders.
The main use of the crowdfunding funds will be to fast track our expansion into the Australian market. This will involve a permanent on the ground presence in Australia, which will include the lease of a Sydney based warehouse and office space, and will also require hiring some Australian based staff to manage local operations. Australian expansion means access for New Zealand Rubber Monkey customers to a wider range of brands and products. There will be more detail on our long term plans coming soon.
We have to put money into what will achieve the best return for the company, which will allow us to revisit our other plans later. Any money we invest in Australia would have a much greater upside than specific expansions in New Zealand at the moment, but once we have effectively entered the Australian market we can revisit plans for New Zealand. Christchurch is likely to be next on the list.

Australian expansion means access to a wider range of brands and products for New Zealand customers, as some brands will only allow us to stock them if we're Australian based.

The combined customer base of New Zealand and Australia makes it possible for Rubber Monkey to increase our product offerings, reduce sourcing costs and provide better access to more brands than ever before. This will greater serve all New Zealand customers as a result.
For the most part, Covid-19 lockdowns in Australia are less restrictive than what we’ve experienced in New Zealand, and during this time online retail stores have remained open. Our plan is to open a distribution centre, rather than a brick and mortar store, so we are confident that we will overcome any challenges Covid presents, just as we have in New Zealand.

Whilst we can’t predict when the government will reopen borders, we do know that we are in a reopening phase. We expect to ramp up expansion plans early in the new year, but in the meantime, we are working on logistics, securing our lease, hiring staff, building infrastructure and contracting couriers. We are happy to discuss more with investors as we progress.
Very confident. We provide a different service to Amazon and do not aspire to be like them. We serve pro’s, not just consumers, and when it comes to selling high-end niche products, the market is moving toward more specialist stores with a knowledgeable team behind them. We pride ourselves on building a loyal creative community and aim to stay competitive not only through pricing, but by providing an invaluable service. We will expand more on this topic during a Q&A session once the campaign is live.
We have exciting plans for the future, but won't be revealing them just yet. We will be open with discussing our expansion strategy with investors as we progress.

Why Kiwis Want to Invest

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