AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier
Product #71478 | SKU OG-12GDA-2X4
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AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier

Product #71478 | SKU OG-12GDA-2X4
Availability on Request .

Product Features
  • Dual 1x4 12G-SDI openGear Distribution Amplifiers.
  • 2x 12G-SDI BNC inputs.
  • 8x noninverting 12G-SDI BNC outputs.
  • Format agnostic 270 Mbps – 12 Gbps video formats.
  • Automatic input equalisation and output reclocking.
  • Support for HDR video.
  • Passes embedded audio, all ancillary data including closed caption and time code.
  • Input Present and Input SMPTE Lock LEDs.
  • 10x 12G-BNC rear connector module included.
  • Power: 4.5 watts.
  • Hot swappable.
  • DashBoard Support with OGX, OG3 and DFR-8321 openGear frames.
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  • Product: #71478
  • SKU: OG-12GDA-2X4
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The AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier is an openGear compatible, state of the art 12G-SDI distribution amplifier. The incoming 12G-SDI signals on the dual input channels are automatically equalised and the outputs are automatically reclocked to four 12G-SDI outputs each. This dual input capability allows double the number of DAs in limited frame space. A 10x BNC rear connector module is included.

Designed for use in high density openGear 2RU frames including AJA’s OG-X-FR frame, new DashBoard software support on Windows, macOS and Linux offers remote control and monitoring of the openGear architecture and provides convenient and industry standard configuration, monitoring and control options over a PC or local network.

Key Features:


The 12G-SDI inputs are automatically equalised and the outputs are automatically reclocked with best in class input jitter tolerance. SDI rates of 270Mb, 1.5Gb, 3Gb, 6Gb and 12Gb are supported. Two SDIs inputs and eight SDI outputs are provided. A 10x BNC rear openGear connector module is included.

openGear Compatibility

The openGear standard ensures that AJA cards will be compatible with other openGear products from certified openGear partners. With a growing list of products, openGear is the future of rackframe products.

Download DashBoard Software

DashBoard software offers quick and convenient configuration and control of openGear cards on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Flexible I/O

The modular rear panel allows custom I/O connections per card (included with individual cards).


The optional redundant power supply provides a secondary power source in the event of a primary power failure.

Ethernet Access

A standard Ethernet connection allows the frame to be accessed via the Dashboard application for overall frame communication. Optional per-card Ethernet access can be installed in the frame for advanced communication with compatible openGear cards.

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In The Box

  • AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier.


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  • Product: AJA openGear Dual 1x4 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier
  • Manufacturer: AJA
  • Model: OG-12GDA-2X4
  • SKU: OG-12GDA-2X4
  • RM Product #: 71478