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Rubber Monkey is Australia's premier store for Professional Audio and Video. We carry the widest range of Cameras, Lenses, Studio equipment, Lighting, Headphones, Music and Mobile Audio. With over 500 brands including Sony, Blackmagic, Aputure, Canon, Nikon, Manfrotto, GoPro, Lowepro. Supplying equipment for creative industries, for film makers, Musicians, artists and Photographers.

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Meet Fujifilm's newly announced flagship mirrorless camera, the X-T4. - Once again, the photography giants have elevated their reputation in the world of mirrorless. With no compromises for stills or video, this camera delivers image quality that can satisfy the demands of professional photographers and videographers alike. In this video, Thomas Busby puts the X-T4 through its paces and talks about his favourite features. - And great news for you - it's now available for pre-order! https://bit.ly/394I5Au... read more
4 hours ago
We've got the gear! Have you seen this week's newsletter? If you haven't, be sure to take a look - it features some of the latest pre-order items, great supplier promotions and discounts for this week. It's a cracker! https://bit.ly/392pEg2... read more
1 day ago
Wise Portable SSDs are specially designed for the challenging demands of the video industry. It’s developed to not only be fast, but also steady and compatible with a wide range of 4K to 6K professional cameras. They’re Blackmagic certified, water, dust, and shock-proof and sport speeds of up to 550MB/S read and 520MB/S write. - For a limited time only, get a FREE Tilta SSD holder when you purchase any of the Wise Portable SSDs. Pricing is as follows: 256GB - $269 | 512GB - $359 | 1TB - $549 - There’s limited stock, so hop to it! Shop now: https://bit.ly/2SHERxa... read more
6 days ago
The Fujifilm X Series NZ team is hitting the road again in their Big X Tour van, with eight unique events around the country. This is a great opportunity to discover, experience and try Fujifilm's full range of cameras and lenses. This will be your chance to get your hands on the new X-T200, X100V and especially the X-T4 (which is coming soon!) - To find out more, follow the link and take a look at the event that'll be happening closest to you: https://bit.ly/2HDJJgv - Shop our range of Fujifilm gear here: https://bit.ly/3bOlIRD... read more
7 days ago