Hoya 77mm HD Nano MKII Circular Polariser Filter

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  • Create unique photo effects
  • Hard, scratch & stain resistant coating
  • 25% better light transmission
  • Control light reflections


The Hoya 77mm HD Nano MKII Circular Polariser Filter allows you to create unique effects in your photo which are not achievable through editing software in post production.

HD nano Mk II CIR-PL coatings have the advantage of being the hardest, scratch & stain resistant coatings available from any manufacturer. Over time normal filter coatings can be easily damaged by repeated cleanings by wiping with too much force or abrasive cleaning cloths. The HD nano Mk II coating are 200% harder for increased longevity and greater protection. HD nano Mk II CIR-PL high transparency polarising film has 25% better light transmission than standard polarizing film used in current photographic filters. This translates to nearly 1/2 stop more light entering the lens while yielding the same polarisation effect, maintain color balance of a standard circular polarizer while improving contrast and clarity.

One such effect is the controlling of light reflections on glass or water surfaces. The HOYA HD nano Mk II CIR-PL allows you to control light waves entering your lens, through the filtering of all polarised light. This allows you to see below surfaces of water. This effect is also great on glass surfaces. By removing reflections, you can look through the glass and into interiors.

Polarised light is not limited to surface reflections, but light shining directly from the sky is polarised too. Air molecules, moisture and dust scatter sunlight, and this light can be filtered out with the HOYA HD nano Mk II CIR-PL. This allows you to greatly increase the contrast of the sky, removing haze, and enhancing blue hues.

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  • Hoya 77mm HD Nano MKII Circular Polariser Filter


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  • Product: Hoya 77mm HD Nano MKII Circular Polariser Filter
  • Manufacturer: Hoya
  • Model: 77NANOIICPL
  • RM Product #: 110585
  • Filter Diameter: 77mm
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

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