Dangerous Music Compressor - Dual-Channel VCA Compressor With Smart Dynamics

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True Stereo Dual Detector, Virtually Distortion Free, DC Coupled


With two years of research, the Dangerous Music Compressor was developed by mastering electronic circuit designer Chris Muth to optimise the signal dynamics of your mix for tracking, mixing, and mastering while preserving the transparency and musicality that defines the company's reputation for uncompromising audio integrity.

The unit is a dual-channel processor with each side capable of operating independently or both sides can be linked for stereo operation. The two sides can also be utilised serially which allows for example to use one channel to compress a mix and the other to function as a limiter.

Separate Detectors for the left and right channels prevents the phase cancellation that can sometimes occur when a stereo compressor sums a mix to mono and instead uses a single detector.

A front-panel smart dynamics button engages a peak limiter with an extremely quick attack and release. This prevents fast transients such as a snare hits from ducking the level of RMS compression, which in turn allows for the overall level to be raised much higher while preserving the musical dynamics of your mix. The smart dynamics are so fast that the unit can perform like an automated fader with virtually no distortion. A hard-wire bypass button allows you to A/B compare the effect of the unit on a track or mix.

The back panel of the 2RU rackmountable compressor includes balanced left and right input and output XLR connectors, as well as XLR left and right active send and return connectors, for sidechaining external processors. The send and return sidechain path allows you to insert and activate outboard gear such as an equaliser for removing frequencies that would overshoot the compressor's detectors or focusing the compression over a particular frequency range.

A sidechain bass cut button gives the mix more low end by ignoring infrasonic and bass frequencies below 60 Hz from influencing the compressor. A sidechain sibilance boost button cuts back on harsh "ess" sounds from vocals, cymbals, and other sounds.

Active sidechain I/O ensures that loading and different device impedances are not an issue. A front-panel sidechain monitoring button allows you to A/B compare the effect of the external sidechain device on the compressor's detectors.

A soft/hard knee button provides two preset knee options for different scenarios. After the threshold of the compressor has been crossed, the hard knee setting offers a more aggressive transition to compression while the soft knee setting is more forgiving.

For visual feedback, the unit features both LEDs and two centre-mounted edge metres that can display the signal's input and output levels or the amount of gain reduction. A -6VU button can be engaged to protect the metres from potential damage when metering hot input or output levels. The metres can also be manually re-calibrated in the rare event of metre drift to ensure accuracy.

The compressor can operate in either automatic or manual modes. For manual controls, both the left and right channels feature five metal rotary knobs that provide you with eight selectable compression ratios (1, 1.4, 1.7, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 20:1 for brickwall limiting), enable gain attenuation and makeup within a ±10 dB range, set a ±20 dB threshold, set an attack time between 1 and 100 ms, and set a release time between 10 and 500 ms.

The unit is hand-assembled in the United States using mastering grade components to preserve the integrity of the circuit board. The unit is DC coupled with high-power voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point wiring so that no transformers or filter caps colour your sound. The compressor is so carefully designed that even the internal non-audible control circuitry within the device is of audiophile-grade quality in terms of total harmonic distortion. The unit's switchable voltage power supply allows you to operate the compressor anywhere in the world with the appropriate cable.


Mastering-Grade Components

Uses components carefully selected and tested for both performance and sound

DC Coupled Design

Uses DC coupling with massive voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point writing for a simple design without transformers or filter caps colouring your sound

Hand Assembled in USA

Avoids 6,000 miles of oceanic circuit board rattling

Stringent Quality Control

Ensures exceptionally low failure rate and years of reliable use

Preset Audiophile Sidechain AEQ

Allows for connecting external processors, such as an AEQ to adjust the detection signal

Bass Cut Sidechain Button

Gives the mix more low end by ignoring infrasonic and low bass frequencies such as from a kick drum, bass guitar, etc

Sibilance Boost Sidechain Button

Cuts back on harsh "ess" sounds from vocals, cymbals, etc

Smart Dynamics

Uses two independent slopes working together, one for catching peaks and one for the average level, which translates into less need or no need for digital limiting and allows more overall level

Soft/Hard Knee Button

Offers two presets, one with a more aggressive transition after crossing the threshold and another more forgiving signal

True Stereo Linking

Operates in either dual mono or stereo mode with independent detectors on each channel for a more faithful stereo field that still tracks gain reduction across both channels

Comprehensive Metering

Allows you to view the input, output, or gain reduction average with a -6VU option to save your metres from potential damage when metering hot input or output levels

Threshold and Makeup Gain

Provides manual control to set the point at which compression begins and the compensate for the level lost with gain makeup

True Hard-Wired Bypass

Allows you to A/B the influence of the compressor on your signal chain

Extended Sidechain Options

Provides active sidechain send and return I/O for incorporating external processors as well as sidechain monitoring for auditioning what the detector hears

Manual Attack and Release Control

Allows you to set the attack and release times to rates other than what is offered by automatic operation

Stepped Ratio Control

Ensures you can reproduce ratio settings when determining how much the signal should be compressed

Quality Locking Connectors

Ensures more contact surface area and better connections

Metre Zero Calibration

Allows you to readjust the VU metres to zero in the event of metre drift

Switchable Power Supply

Allows you to use the compressor anywhere in the world with the appropriate cable


Frequency Response ±0.25 dB from 15 to 80,000 Hz
Maximum Level +27 dBu
Noise Floor <-93 dBu band limited from 22 to 22,000 Hz
THD+N <0.005%
IMD <0.007%
Crosstalk Rejection Typically @ 1 kHz >115 dB
Fuses USA: 500 mA fast blow for 120V
Europe 250 mA fast blow for 240V
Input Impedance 20 kOhms
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Sidechain Filter Bass Cut: 6 dB/octave, -3 dB at 60 Hz
Sibilance boost corner frequency is 1,000 Hz with +2 dB at 5,000 Hz shelving
Rack Unit Space 2
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19.0 x 3.5 x 12.0" (48.3 x 8.9 x 30.5 cm)
Weight 19.0 lb (8.6 kg)


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  • Product: Dangerous Music Compressor - Dual-Channel VCA Compressor With Smart Dynamics
  • Manufacturer: Dangerous Music
  • RM Product #: 47988

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