Dangerous Music Stereo Monitor ST Control System with Remote Control

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Four Switchable Analog Inputs, Speaker Offsets for Level Matching


The Dangerous Music Stereo Monitor ST Control System with Remote Control is a 1 unit rack mountable device designed by mastering engineers for monitoring your mix in a studio setting. The device features four switchable analogue input sources (-10 dBv or +4 dBu) and three sets of speaker outputs with independent subwoofer control and low pass filtering.

You can programme input gain offsets to adjust the device's inputs for different sources. You can also independently adjust and store the subwoofer's level and decide which sets of speakers it will play with. Input 4 has a continuously variable level offset so you can compensate for a commercially mastered CD and carry out true A/B comparisons between your mix and a finished track.

A stereo auxiliary input allows you to layer additional elements on top of your mix such as a voice over when doing work for post production. A talkback microphone with built-in microphone and optional remote circuit gives you the choice of sending the talkback signal to an external cue or to open air speakers. An onboard cue power amplifier provides 40W of power. For headphone monitoring, the unit also includes a 20W headphone amplifier with independent volume control.

Functions such as solo, mono, mute, dim, source selection, speaker selection, and setting recall are controlled by the included remote control, which connects to the device over Ethernet CAT 5e cable. An analogue stepped attenuator volume control on the remote provides precise and repeatable adjustments to the overall output level. The unit can be expanded for surround sound operation by connecting the optional Monitor SR system.


Front Panel

  • Headphone Monitoring: Provides 20W per channel of high headroom headphone amplification
  • Remote Microphone Input: Allows you to use an external microphone for talkback
  • Talkback Microphone: Injects the communication microphone into the headphone cue system
  • Main to Cue: Sends the selected control room main audio to the cue amplifier and the phones outputs
  • Aux Input to Cue - to Main: Sends the auxiliary input to speakers, cue, or both so you can have a separate talent cue mix from the main headphone mix
  • Input 4 Level: Turns down the level on input 4 as needed so you can compare the current mix's output level to that of a mastered CD

Rear Panel

  • Auxiliary Input: Provides a separate stereo input with a separate path so you can layer an additional element such as a voice over on the control room mix
  • Analogue Input and Output: Connects inputs and outputs through a 25-pin D-Sub connector
  • DC In: Provides power from external power supply which helps reduce the amount of heat in the monitoring unit
  • TB Remote: Produces remote talkback switch
  • Slate: Provides a signal path for the talkback microphone output so it can be played through open-air speakers or an external cue system
  • Cue Amp Out: Sends the headphone mix to a remote headphone box, allowing the 20W per channel to be distributed to up to 16 pairs of headphones
  • Remote: Connects to the monitor by Ethernet CAT 5e shielded cable in up to a 100' run. The remote controls all major functions of the monitor


  • DC Coupled: Constructed without transformers or filters caps that would smear the stereo image. Instead the device is built with large voltage rails and Mogami point to point wiring
  • Mastering Grade Components: Designed and built to mastering standards to improve imaging, headroom, detail, and punch
  • Expandable: Can be combined with a Monitor SR for surround sound operation and selected source line output for metering


I/O Input:
Main Input: 25-Pin D-Sub
Aux Input (Left and Right): 2 x 3-Pin XLR female connectors
Talk Back Remote: 3-pin XLR-female connector
DC In: 5-pin power adapter
Remote: Ethernet CAT 5e
Talkback Microphone: 1/4" input jack

Main Output: 25-Pin D-Sub connector
Cue Amp Out: 3-Pin XLR male connector
Headphone Output: 1/4" stereo phono jack
Slate: 3-Pin XLR male connector
Accuracy Gain tracking: better than 0.05 dB for 6 channels
THD + N 0.002%
IMD 0.003%
Frequency Response 1 to 100,000 Hz at -0.1 dB
Crosstalk Rejection Typically @ 1 kHz >96 dB
Nominal Input Level +4 dBu or -10 dBV
Crossover -3 dB at 57 Hz
18 dB/octave modified Butterworth/Chebyshev curve
Headphone Amp THD: 0.002%
Headroom +25 dBu to main outputs
Dimensions Remote (W x D x Rear Height x Front Height)
12.29 x 4.17 x 1.54 x 0.94" (31.22 x 10.60 x 3.90 x 2.40 cm)

Monitor (W x D x H): 19 x 9.5 x 1.75" (48 x 24 x 4.4 cm)
Weight 14.5 lb (6.58 kg)


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  • Product: Dangerous Music Stereo Monitor ST Control System with Remote Control
  • Manufacturer: Dangerous Music
  • Model: MONITOR ST
  • RM Product #: 47984

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