Kino Flo Image 47 DMX Fluorescent Yoke Mount Fixture
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  • Broad, Even Light
  • Lower Amperage Draw for Energy Savings
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • DMX Control


The Kino Flo Image 47 DMX Fluorescent Yoke Mount Fixture combines shadowless, soft quality of light, wide lamp choices among the True-Match lamp line, DMX control and individual lamp switching for a lighting solution that is ideal for visual effects designers in film, HD broadcast, video and photo set lighting.

The metal Image 47 features a built-in 230VAC ballast with dead quiet operation. HO Mode (High Output) is on board to boost output approximately 0.5 stop. As with other Kino lights, dimming is possible with negligible colour shift. The combination of low power draw and minimal heat result in a more comfortable set and lower air-conditioning and running costs. At only 11 kg, the Image 47 is a good choice for overhead or grid systems and pole-operated versions are available for this purpose. Another use is blue or green screen lighting of cycloramas or other backgrounds using highly specialised True-Match visual effects lamps. This version of the Image 47 ships with a yoke mount with a pre-tapped 0.5" hole for an optional Junior pin or Baby receiver. An eggcrate louvre, gel frame, four card holders for flags and interior reflector are also included. Optional four-way barndoors are available separately.


  • Broad, even light - ideal for blue and green screen
  • Lower amperage draw for energy savings
  • Long lamp life, less lamp replacements, lower maintenance and labour
  • Lower operating temperature
  • More efficient heat management design for stable colour temperature
  • Mixing lamps for various colour temperatures and effects possible
  • Optional high colour rendering True-Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMIs
  • DMX control for stable colour temperature and light level control
  • Colour gels do not burn out or fade due to lower heat of fixture
  • HO (High Output) Mode for 0.5 stop boost and Standard Mode for normal operation
  • DMX and local switching, Individual lamp control
  • Traditional yoke mount with two-position setting that is ideal for low ceilings
  • Gel frame and louvre included
  • Instant-on, dead quiet ballast
  • Optional remote hand-held lamp control (DIM-5)


  • 200 ASA @ 1/125th sec. shutter speed


  • 531 fc at 2.0' (0.6 m)
  • 173 fc at 4.0' (1.2 m)
  • 84 fc at 6.0' (1.8 m)
  • 49 fc at 8.0' (2.4 m)
  • 32 fc at 10' (3.0 m)
  • 22.5 fc at 12' (3.6 m)
  • 17 fc at 14' (4.3 m)
  • 13 fc at 16' (4.9 m)
  • 10.5 fc at 18' (5.5 m)
  • 8.5 fc at 20' (6.0 m)


  • 7,407 lux at 1.6' (0.5 m)
  • 2,599 lux at 3.3' (1.0 m)
  • 1,303 lux at 4.9' (1.5 m)
  • 775 lux at 6.5' (2.0 m)
  • 503 lux at 8.2' (2.5 m)
  • 356 lux at 9.8' (3.0 m)
  • 267 lux at 11.5' (3.5 m)
  • 208 lux at 13.1' (4.0 m)
  • 168 lux at 14.7' (4.5 m)
  • 135 lux at 16.4' (5.0 m)

f/stop in feet

  • 5.6/1 at 2.0' (0.6 m)
  • 2.8/4 fc at 4.0' (1.2 m)
  • 2.0/4 at 6.0' (1.8 m)
  • 1.4/6 at 8.0' (2.4 m)
  • 1.4 at 10' (3.0 m)

f/stop in lux

  • 5.6/4 at 1.6' (0.5 m)
  • 2.8/9 at 3.3' (1.0 m)
  • 2.8 at 4.9' (1.5 m)
  • 2.0/2 at 6.5' (2.0 m) 1.4/5 at 8.2' (2.5 m)


Input Voltage 230 VAC
Amperage 2.3 A
Lamps Optional F75/T12 (75 W)
Mounting Yoke mount, 0.5" (12.7 mm) hole
Optional 1/1/8" (28 mm) pin or 5/8" (16 mm) receiver
Dimensions 54 x 17 x 6.5" (137.2 x 43.2 x 16.5 cm)
Weight 10.4 kg

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  • Kino Flo Image 47 DMX Fluorescent Yoke Mount Fixture


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  • Product: Kino Flo Image 47 DMX Fluorescent Yoke Mount Fixture
  • Manufacturer: Kino Flo
  • Model: IMG-47X-230
  • SKU: IMG-47X-230
  • RM Product #: 32769

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