Tactical Fiber Systems Fibre Cable on Reel with BullsEye Connectors (500 ft)
Product #20537 | SKU TF-2BE0500TFR
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Tactical Fiber Systems Fibre Cable on Reel with BullsEye Connectors (500 ft)

Product #20537 | SKU TF-2BE0500TFR
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Product Features
  • DuraTAC - Stainless Steel Under Kevlar
  • Stronger, Half as Thin, Half as Light
  • Protects Against Wear/Tear and Rodents
  • Anodised Aluminium BullsEye Connectors
  • Waterproof Dust Covers
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Product Details
  • Product: #20537
  • SKU: TF-2BE0500TFR
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This 2-fibre, single-mode Tactical Fibre Systems Cable & Reel, 152 m in length, features TFS's DuraTAC stainless steel armoured inner core and TFS BullsEye anodised aluminium connectors.

DuraTAC is TFS's solution to wear and tear that ultimately cuts through the Kevlar that surrounds the fibre cores in tactical cables. DuraTAC comprises a stainless steel armoured inner core underneath the Kevlar, providing protection against stepping, cutting, and rodents. Other than being stronger, DuraTAC cables are also about half as thin and half as light, so you get more cable on your reel.

TFS BullsEye connectors are equipped with waterproof dust covers and together with the DuraTAC cable offer good protection against contamination and damage.


Fibre and Reel Features

  • DuraTAC stainless steel armoured tactical fibre is up to 10 times stronger than ordinary fibre cables without compromising flexibility
  • Highly flexible construction allows for multiple deployments
  • High impact and crush resistance
  • Durable in high-traffic areas
  • Performance in wide temperature range
  • Storage Drum extensions for breakout and easy access
  • Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake
  • Direct Crank Rewind
  • Handle permanently attached to disc


  • Remote video production and broadcasting
  • Field deployment in abusive environments
  • Temporary installation of critical communications lines where quick retrieval and reuse is necessary
  • High-traffic areas
  • Security and sensing applications
  • Installations in harsh environments available


Length 152 m
Core Diameter 9.2 ±0.4 μm at 1310 nm
10.4 ±0.8 μm at 1550 nm
Cladding Diameter 125 ±1 μm
Maximum Attenuation 0.4 dB/km at 1310 nm
0.3 dB/km at 1550 nm
Outer Diameter Cable Sheathing 4 mm
Allowable Bending Radius 20D mm (dynamic)
10D mm (static)
Allowable Tensile 400 N (long term)
700 N (short term)
Crush Resistance 655 N/cm (long term)
825 N/cm (short term)
Inside Material Kevlar reinforced
Stainless steel armoured tubing
Material SS304
Stainless Steel Diameter 3 mm
Operating Temperature -56 to 85°C
Installation Temperature -20 to 85°C

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  • Product: Tactical Fiber Systems Fibre Cable on Reel with BullsEye Connectors (500 ft)
  • Manufacturer: Tactical Fibre Systems
  • Model: TF-2BE0500TFR
  • SKU: TF-2BE0500TFR
  • RM Product #: 20537
  • Length Feet: 500 ft
  • Length Meters: 152 m
  • Cable Connector: TFS BullsEye
  • Cable Connector: TFS BullsEye

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