FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter Arri PL to Canon EF

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  • For Select Lenses with Arri PL Mount
  • Maintains Infinity Focus on Lens
  • Brass & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated Tripod Mount with 1/4"-20
  • For Lenses with Manual Iris and Focus


The Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter Arri PL to Canon EF allows you to use select Arri PL mounted lenses to fit on a camera body with a Canon EF mount, allowing you to use your existing PL mount lenses with newer cameras that feature the Canon EF mount. This is a lens mount adapter designed to attach to the lens itself, it is not meant to permanently adapt the mount of the camera. The adapter mounts to the lens and is removable, so you can use one adapter on many different PL mounted lenses.

This adapter is designed to prevent you from mounting it onto a lens that extends greater then 14mm from the rear of the mount. This is to prevent the adapted lens from causing damage to the camera and the lens itself. However, the adapter may fit on some lenses that extend greater than 14mm, so before using any lens with this adapter on a camera with a Canon EF mount, confirm that the lens has proper clearance throughout the focus range. The adapter has been tested to work on a Canon camera with EF mount with the following lenses. Please note although other lenses may work with this adapter, only the lenses below have been tested for proper operation.

  • Canon 20-35mm T4
  • Ruby 14-24mm T2.8
  • Angenieux Optimo 15-40 mm T 2.6
  • Angenieux Optimo 17-80 mm T 2.2
  • Angenieux Optimo 28-70 mm
  • Angenieux Optimo 24-290 mm
  • Angenieux 24-290 mm T 2.8
  • Angenieux 17-102 mm T 2.9
  • Angenieux 7-81 mm T 2.4 HR
  • Angenieux 20-120 mm
  • Canon 300 mm T 2.8
  • Canon 400 mm T 2.8
  • Canon 800 mm T 5.6
  • Canon Century 200 mm T 2
  • Cooke 18-100 mm T 3
  • Nikkor 200 mm T 2
  • Nikkor 300 mm T 2
  • Nikkor 800 mm T 5.6
  • Nikkor Micro 200 mm T4
  • Canon Century Optics S2000 150-600mm

The adapter maintains the correct flange focal distance, and this means that you don't have to worry about the your lenses focus shifting due to the adapter. Infinity is maintained. Featuring Brass construction with a stainless steel finish, this adapter is a strong, durable unit. A built-in tripod support foot features a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole so you can attach a tripod or monopod to the adapter, limiting the amount of stress you put on the camera's mount. There is no electronic control of the lens through the adapter, so you need to use a lens that has manual focus and iris capabilities. However, the adapter allows TTL (Through-the-lens) metering, and when using a lens with the adapter, the camera body should be set to either manual exposure or aperture priority mode.


  • Maintains correct flange depth between lens and image plane.
  • Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.
  • Brass construction protects lens mount, stainless steel finish makes the adapter corrosion and wear resistant.
  • Some PL mount lenses can damage the camera or the lens when mounted to a camera with an EF mount using this adapter. This is unavoidable if the adapter is to maintain the correct flange focal distance, and you should confirm and test that any lens used with this adapter maintains the necessary clearance throughout the focus range.


Adapter Type PL mount lenses to Canon EF
Focus Infinity is maintained
Electronic Iris No
Material Brass with stainless steel finish
Tripod Fitting 1/4"-20 female mounting hole
Weight 116.2 g


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  • Product: FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter Arri PL to Canon EF
  • Manufacturer: FotodioX
  • Model: AR(PL)-EOS-P
  • RM Product #: 47893
  • Lens Mount: Arri PL
  • Camera Body Mount: Canon EF

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